2 Ways to Use Continuous Vertical Conveyors to Your Advantage

2 Ways to Use Continuous Vertical Conveyors to Your Advantage

Bulk material handling facilities don’t always have bulk-sized work areas to convey products between different levels inside a building.

When space is tight, a continuous vertical conveyor is just right.

Distribution warehouses, construction sites, cement plants, food, and beverage processing facilities, and even inside the depths of a mine pit, all benefit from continuous vertical conveyors to perform material handling or unit handling applications.

Continuous vertical conveyors are just one of the many types of vertical transporting equipment. The vertical conveyor family is sizeable, including vertical screw conveyors, flexible conveyors, bucket conveyors, roller conveyors and chute conveyors to name but a few.

While continuous vertical conveyors go by many names, such as freight elevators, material elevators, mezzanine lifts or platform lifts, they all have one purpose: to lift and lower multiple products, while horizontally discharging them, all in a continuous non-stop motion.

Continue to learn about continuous vertical conveyors by reading two key advantages of this terrific transporter.

More goods to handle in less time and space

Continuous vertical conveyors hold and transfer many loads simultaneously. Using four strands of matched chains secured by multileveled platforms, products on the conveyor are configured to load and discharge product in a Z-shaped pattern: products enter the lift from one side and exit from the other side.

Because of its vertical configuration, these mechanical marvels require less room to operate, capitalizing on valuable floor space and efficiently run work areas.

Automated operation puts conveyor performance into overdrive

Operators benefit from powered conveyors, reducing taxing, manual labour of feeding and discharging products. Synchronized cycles ensure the platform speed produces proper automatic functioning, meaning no hands needed on deck.

But just in case hands are present, all ten fingers will be protected since conveyors are completely safeguarded from internal moving parts.

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