2200 Precision Move Pallet Systems

2200 Series Precision Move Pallet System

Wecon is proud to carry the 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet Systems from Dorner, a recognized leader in precision conveyors. Wecon has a mission — to provide its customers with a system they can depend on to move product with precision and speed. That mission is accomplished with Dorner’s 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet Systems — innovative, modular, dual-belt conveyor pallet systems for assembly automation.

There are many features that make the innovative 2200 Series stand out including:

  • Added capacity: Timing belt conveyors provide added load capacity in a small platform. With speeds up to 34 meters a minute, the system has a non-accumulating conveyor load capacity of 500 pounds, an accumulated load capacity of 250 pounds, and a pallet capacity of 30 to 70 pounds.
  • Innovative lifting modules: The modules have lift and locate capability, with an adjustable height lift from the center of the conveyor. It offers 200 pounds of lift capability at 90 psi. The modules also have a lift and rotate capability, with a pneumatic lift from the center of the conveyor. They provide pneumatic rotation with adjustable positioning, and an adjustable rotation angle of 90 to 180 degrees. The system also lifts and transfers to change product orientation.
  • Quick belt change: The system offers quick belt change without the need to remove the conveyor from the system. The dual-belt conveyor’s timing belt is 25-mm wide, with a five-mm pitch. Standard or static conductive belting is available.
  • Simple powered corner modules: On 90-degree corners, the system maintains product orientation through the turn, and includes a 24 VDC drive mechanism to drive the pallet around the corner. On 90-degree corner and merge modules, an inside guide is mounted to pneumatic cylinders to transfer the pallet around the corner. A straight guide with pneumatic cylinder is mounted across a perpendicular conveyor to guide pallets straight through the merge area. This module also includes a 24 VDC drive mechanism to drive the pallet around the corner.
  • Pin tracking system: The pin tracking system provides a simple and cost-effective method of tracking pallets through turns. It is used on 90-degree corner and 90-degree corner and merge modules.
  • Time saving: Dorner’s online configurator engineers simple to complex configurations in minutes. The tool delivers a complete 3D assembly model for instant validation of fit.
  • Fast delivery: Dorner sets the industry standard for rapid delivery. Conveyors and automation modules are available in 20 days or less.

Designed for medium- to large-sized part movement, the 2200 Series is available in widths from 160 to 480 mm, and lengths up to 7.5 metres.