Advanced Order Fulfillment Technology a Competitive Advantage

Order Fulfilment

In today’s competitive manufacturing climate, a company’s ability to fulfil a customer’s order accurately and quickly puts it at an advantage. Many companies are now relying on advanced automation technologies for their order fulfilment operations, and Wecon Systems can help. We have the capability and expertise to provide turnkey solutions that meet all order material handling needs.

Customized for the Customer

Every customer’s needs are different. Regardless of the mix and type, throughput and productivity goals, data collection requirements and budget, Wecon Systems can help. Its team of experts can develop concepts and engineer technologies to meet each customer’s business requirements.

Capabilities and Technologies

Wecon’s portfolio of material handling equipment features advanced automation technologies suitable for order fulfilment applications. We can integrate fully automated product-to-man systems, such as mini cranes, gantry cranes, carousels and vertical lift modules, with delivery and take-away systems, control interfaces and ancillary equipment, as well as safety guarding.

Wecon can also integrate paperless picking technologies, including RF, pick-to-light and pick-by-voice varieties, with warehouse mechanization, providing synergy to the overall order fulfilment scheme.

In addition, pick modules, including pick towers, flow rack, full- and split-case technologies, can be integrated with take-away conveyors, zone control devices, logic, collection and merge systems, vertical conveyance, gravity chutes, powered spirals, vertical lifts and lowerators, regardless of whether the items are loose, in cases or in totes.

Advanced Software

Much of this efficiency is thanks to Wecon’s SolidSuite software. Combined with automation systems, it helps users improve picking and packing processes. SolidShip shipping software, a core component of SolidSuite, manages automatic labelling, verification and package distribution, and controls the flow and handling of parcels through the labelling and manifesting process prior to shipping/sortation. It supports such carriers as UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Dymo-Eniecia, Bax Global, Purolator, LTL and countless regional small package carriers.

Leading Systems Integrator

These new capabilities help Wecon maintain its position as a leading single source material handling systems integrator.

“We don’t just sell the equipment, we take on the responsibility of making sure the solution works right,” Will Egerton, the company’s founder. “This means developing the correct concept, selecting the right equipment and professionally installing it, while remaining within budget and on schedule.”

Wecon takes pride in offering cost-effective solutions to meet all of its customers’ conveyor equipment needs. Our team of trained experts have more than 200 years of combined experience working with industrial and commercial clients to find the right conveyor or packaging solution to suit customers unique needs.