4 Tips For Conveyor Repair and Maintenance

Conveyor systems are an essential ingredient in today’s fast-paced, technologically advanced manufacturing and distribution processes. If something goes wrong with a material-handling system, it can be costly for a company – in time, productivity, and money. As a major conveyor supplier, Wecon Systems knows that keeping these systems working constantly is a must. This is why Wecon puts a high priority on conveyor repair and maintenance – in part by offering its own preventative-maintenance package.

Always have a plan

Conveyor breakdown is always unfortunate, but businesses can minimize the fallout with careful advance preparation. Wecon offers the following four tips for conveyor repair and maintenance:

  • Hire a maintenance technician. Having a maintenance expert on staff saves a company from contacting an outside technician and waiting for him or her to arrive. The saved time gets the system running again as quickly as possible, with minimum production loss.
  • Keep track of outdated parts. Keeping a record of older, borderline-obsolete system components means that a breakdown will not be such a surprise – and that less time will be wasted trying to figure out the cause.
  • Store extra parts. If an emergency breakdown occurs, having replacement parts at hand will prove highly convenient, saving the time and unexpected expense of ordering new parts right away.
  • Have a preventative-maintenance plan. Always have a plan prepared in case of an unexpected breakdown. If the staff know exactly what to do right away, little time is lost in getting the conveyor system up and running again.

Part of that plan should be investment in the WE-Care preventative-maintenance solution from Wecon. The supplier offers three different packages for varying customer needs: the PMI, a basic package that includes a complete evaluation of every conveyor; the PMR-1, which adds on minor conveyor repair with extra repair options; and PMR-2, which includes maintenance and repair of the client’s spare-parts inventory.

Manufacturing plants and warehouses rely heavily on functioning material-handling systems to keep production flowing at a profitable pace. With Wecon’s help, these facilities can run smoothly with no significant interruptions to production.