Benefits of Adding a Conveyor to Your Facility

Benefits of Adding a Conveyor to Your Facility

With the continuously growing e-commerce markets, warehouse automation and efficiency are becoming prevalent and necessary. Conveyors are a simple addition to warehouse and production facilities that help boost productivity, efficiency, and cost-savings. Conveyors can be connected to computers and robots to provide even more efficient solutions from one stage to another for moving products or equipment. Here are the top reasons to add a conveyor system to your facility.

Increased Productivity

An efficient conveyor system will accelerate throughput by steadily and rapidly moving the goods from one part of your facility to another. This helps raise production rates, increase productivity, drive higher yields and decrease manual input requirements.

Delivering a continuous stream of products through the shop floor means work continues at a steady pace, resulting in a steady yield. Speeds can also be modified to meet the requirements of your production to ensure you’re meeting your production standards.

Enhanced Functionality

A well-designed conveyor system can maximize unused overhead space. They can be mounted over several floors on multiple layers, and where necessary bend, twist and turn. Not only will they save you space, but they will also offer enhanced functionality and give you the option to extend your operations.

As your goods are transferred onto an uninterrupted conveyor system from one point to another, they remain visible on the line to your workers. It offers staff the ability to detect any defective product and act accordingly.

Greater Profitability

A well-installed conveyor system with the same staff rates will improve volume efficiency. It can also reduce the production hours required for the processes of manufacturing and handling, opening up opportunities to take on additional work or explore other opportunities.

Conveyors will help the workers fulfill their targets, relieving them of the burden and speeding up production without adding to your headcount. An efficient conveyor system will also reduce maintenance and energy costs.

Improved Safety

Conveyor systems improve capacity and reduce interaction with physical workers. Not only does this eliminate the need for manual handling of goods on the conveyor, but it also decreases human exposure to potentially harmful conditions, enhancing workplace safety and health.

A well-designed conveyor system will also bring the product up to or down to an ergonomically ideal level for the worker on the shop floor. This will lead to fewer calls for days off due to fatigue or injury, fewer claims for workers ‘ compensation and possibly lower insurance premiums.

Today conveyors are prevalent in most commercial material handling industries. These are related to computers and robots, offering even more efficient solutions for moving products or equipment from one point to the next. As you can see there are numerous reasons to consider the inclusion of a well designed and installed conveyor system, from improved efficiency and space optimization to increased worker safety.

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