Heavy-Duty Dorner Conveyors Offer Many Advantages


Heave-Duty & Low Maintenance

When the application calls for heavy-duty, low maintenance conveyors, Dorner has the solution. Its 3200 Series fabric and modular belt conveyors are ideal for part handling applications that require high speeds, long runs and minimal maintenance. Available in Canada through Wecon Systems, these conveyors are a top choice when a heavy-duty solution is needed for transfers, accumulation, precision part movement, packaging, part incline and decline movement, positioning and assembly.

Built to Suit Customer Needs

Dorner’s 3200 Series conveyors are available with multiple options to meet the exact needs of each application. The units come in widths from 3.75 to 60 inches, and lengths from three to 99 feet. They can handle loads up to 1,000 pounds and speeds up to 600 feet per minute. Straight, z-frame, nose-over, horizontal to incline, and curved configurations are available. A wide variety of fabric belt types (flat belt, flat belt cleated, sidewall cleated and rib top belt), precision move belt types (precision move, precision move cleated and precision move with fixtures), and modular belt types (flat top, flush grid, friction inserts, cleated and roller top) are also available.

Multiple benefits

Regardless of the configuration selected, these conveyors offer many advantages. For example, they feature powered transfers, providing smooth, worry-free transfer of parts as small as three inches in diameter, even on curves. They also offer a high-performance bearing style curve design, which allows for complex conveyor shapes with up to four corner modules. In addition, they feature superior v-guided belting, which eliminates the need for tracking adjustments, reducing maintenance requirements. Precise rack and pinion belt tensioning, as well as sealed-for-life bearings, also reduce maintenance. Another bonus: all bearings and components are located inside the conveyor frame, making them ideal for tight spaces.

To learn more about the options and advantages available with Dorner’s 3200 Series conveyors, contact Wecon Systems. Wecon has the expertise to ensure its customers get the most appropriate conveyor solutions for their applications. https://weconsystems.com/services/dorner-low-profile-conveyors/