How to maximize production while eliminating environmental waste

Much has been said about how material handling conveyor systems make workplaces more productive, efficient, and safe. Wecon Systems products, in particular, speed up production while minimizing the chances of employee injury. But another important benefit of using automated conveyor systems is their environmental advantages. Conveyors help the environment by wasting fewer materials and saving energy.

With Wecon’s help, a manufacturing or warehouse work environment can hit maximum productivity while also leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

Less product waste

Wecon recommends many reasons to automate operations with its material handling conveyor systems. One of the key reasons is minimal waste. The higher level of quality and consistency that comes with an automated system also results in the reduced waste of various supplies, such as paper and packaging supplies. In addition, because the operation will use less material while doing more, users can reduce the costs of consumables and waste. And a conveyor designed to handle fragile goods more gently will significantly reduce the chances of breakage, which is a common drawback of manual material handling. With Wecon conveyors, businesses get the most out of their materials.

Another way that some Wecon products are environmentally friendly is by using gravitational power to save energy. We offer six types of gravity conveyors, which rely at least partially on gravity to move items rather than on electricity. Gravity wheel conveyors are available in straight and curved sections, which provide maximum flexibility and adaptability. Wheel conveyors move products with better orientation, as each wheel moves independently of the others. By allowing the outer lanes to revolve more quickly than the inner lanes, better tracking of products is possible.

Companies have many great reasons to invest in Wecon’s material handling conveyor systems, and environmental advantages are yet another one.