How Wecon Can Help Companies Increase Lifespans of Conveyor Systems

How Wecon Can Help Companies Increase Lifespans of Conveyor Systems

A great conveyor system does wonders for a company’s productivity and safety record. But these benefits will not last long without proper conveyor maintenance and care. This is why Wecon Systems offers more than just quality conveyor products and accessories: it also provides long-term preventative care and maintenance programs, to make sure that its customers get the most out of these great material-handling solutions.

Three tailored maintenance packages

Wecon has developed tailored conveyor maintenance and service packages to suit the requirements of individual conveyor systems. The Wecon team can care for any brand of conveyor equipment and offer new parts, either off the shelf or custom-built, to replace older parts with nonstandard designs. Regular preventative maintenance is vital to keeping equipment running at its most efficient and safe while increasing its operational life; it also reduces the chances of breakdowns, which lead to unnecessary downtime and lost productivity and money.

Wecon’s solution is WE-Care Preventative Maintenance – a line of conveyor maintenance and service packages that suit varying needs in any industry. These three packages are as follows:

  • PMI: Preventative Maintenance Inspection. Wecon professionals conduct a thorough evaluation of every single conveyor and then document all wear and tear on all the parts. Then the inspectors offer possible repair options to the client.
  • PMR-1: Preventative Maintenance Repair, Level 1. As with the PMI option, Wecon’s expert staff undertake a complete evaluation of each individual conveyor while documenting and reporting all wear and tear. In addition, this level includes minor repair within a preset monetary amount, as well as repair options for major fixes.
  • PMR-2: Preventative Maintenance Repair, Level 2. This level also consists of a total evaluation of every conveyor and documentation of all wear and tear. It also includes repair using the customer’s inventory of spare parts – as well as maintenance of this inventory.

Long-term care and maintenance tend to be frequently overlooked by users of conveyor systems, and this can turn out to be costly. With Wecon’s help, customers get a smooth operation and long service life they deserve.

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