Increasing Efficiency With Automatic Sortation Systems


It is difficult for companies to survive, let alone thrive these days if they don’t have efficient operations. Being as efficient as possible offers both time and cost savings, and it’s the key to success in today’s competitive business landscape. Material handling is one area that can benefit from increased efficiencies. Implementing advanced technologies, like sortation systems, for example, can increase productivity and offer a competitive advantage.

The Benefits of Automatic Sortation

Sortation systems provide automatic product identification and separation into predefined groups, saving time over manual sortation. They are versatile and can be used for a broad range of applications, including order consolidation and repack operations, shipping deconsolidation and redistribution, distribution route and carrier separation, carton cross-docking, centralized palletizing and parallel processing product separation.

Types of Technologies

Depending on product characteristics, output, number of diverts, available floor space and budget, there is a wide selection of technologies that can be applied to sortation operations. They include right-angle belt, pop-up wheel, pusher/swing arm, narrow belt, small package sort, shoe sorter, tilt tray, bomb door and cross-belt conveyors.

Sortation Options

These systems can be made up of a number of material handling applications. A selection of speeds and angles are available to meet the exact needs of each application.

Wecon Systems, a leading provider of material handling solutions, offers a wide range of sortation technologies. When selecting which one is right for the application, consider the product characteristics of what’s being sorted, the throughput needed, the number of diverts and the available floor space. A number of options and configurations are available to meet each customer’s budget.

For example, Wecon carries the TGW Narrow Belt Sorter, TGW Right Angle Transfer, TGW Pop Up Wheel Transfers, and TGW Shoe Sorter technologies. Solutions for small package sort and high volume applications (tilt tray, bomb door, cross belt) are also available.