Order Fulfillment Solutions Add to Company’s One-Stop Shop Offering

Order Fulfillment Solutions

Whether the application is trash handling, empty carton handling, tote recirculation, product replenishment, or system and order status annunciation, Wecon can create a complete solution for even the most demanding environments. Our portfolio includes:

  • Fully automated parts-to-person systems: Wecon has the capability to integrate mini cranes, gantry cranes, carousels, vertical lift modules and more with delivery and take-away systems, control interfaces and ancillary equipment, as well as safety guarding.
  • Paperless picking: The company’s team of experts can integrate paperless picking technologies, including RF, pick-to-light and pick-by-voice varieties, with warehouse mechanization. The integration of these technologies provides synergy to the order fulfilment process.
  • Pick modules: Pick towers, flow racks, and full- and split-case picking solutions can be integrated with take-away conveyors, zone control devices, logic, collection and merge systems, vertical conveyance, gravity chutes, powered spirals, vertical lifts and lowerators.

Additional Capabilities

Wecon’s expertise goes beyond order fulfilment solutions. The company also has the capability to engineer solutions for pallet handling, sortation, tire and rim handling, scrap handling, assembly lines, as well as trailer loading and unloading. It also offers tailored maintenance and service packages to suit the needs of each unique system, design expertise using 2-D and 3-D mechanical CAD software, project management and installation services. Combined, these capabilities make Wecon Systems a one-stop source for material handling needs.