Benefits of Pallet Handling Systems

Pallet Handling System

Wecon Systems, we offer a number of fast and reliable pallet handling conveyor solutions that are easily configured for a number of applications. We offer medium and heavy-duty systems.

Pallet handling systems — or unit load handling systems, as they are often called — are designed to handle high-load capacities, large product footprints, and operate in harsh conditions.

There are five benefits to using pallet-handling systems, including:

  1. Reduced forklift travel and labour costs
  2. Improved product flow
  3. Improved traceability
  4. Cleaner production area
  5. Less product and equipment damage

These systems are among the line-up of material handling offerings provided by Wecon Systems. Wecon designs and integrates unit load systems to interface with palletizers (high- and low-level, robotic and gantry), stretch wrappers, strappers and AGVs/LGVs.

Fully integrated systems can include:

  • Roller transportation – Various roller capacities, straight sections and curves are available
  • Roller accumulation – Unique, simple design and freezer applicable
  • Multi-chain – Can handle non-roller conveyable product or non-ideal pallet orientation
  • Chain transfers, turntable, lifts and transfer cars.

Integrated systems are also more forgiving of poor quality and damaged pallets. Wecon Systems develops and implements conveyor equipment and system solutions for a variety of material handling applications using only high-quality materials.

Wecon understands that all systems are unique and require an experienced skill set to ensure smooth operation. That’s why the company employs experienced installers with expertise in a wide range of projects — from simple gravity conveyors to advanced sortation and cross-docking applications, and from new systems installations to system upgrades and equipment relocation.