One-Step-Plus™ Automatic Pack Slip Applicator

Automatically applies a full 8.5”x 11” packing sheet and shipping label

Accelerate Pack and Ship One-Step-Plus™ automatically prints and applies a combination packing sheet and shipping label. The technology eliminates the manual labor of hand applying labels and documents. The system prints, folds, and tucks a high resolution laser printed packing sheet securely under the removable shipping label. Each step is fully validated to assure the highest accuracy in shipment documentation. One-Step-Plus™ can perform the equivalent work of 6-8 operators. It’s ideally suited to operations shipping 1,500 or more orders per day. Get One-Step-Plus™ and accelerate the productivity of your order fulfillment operation. Reduce labor, increase shipment throughput, and gain a competitive edge!

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Technology is the Key!

Real-time Distribution Software RDS ™, Numina’s advanced warehouse control system, is a proven solution for automating labeling applications throughout distribution operations. RDS directly controls parcel tracking, conveyor, identification, weighing, labeling and validation of the entire process. This technology precisely prints and applies the pack sheet and shipping label providing an error-free unattended operation.

  • Automate Packing, Shipping, and Manifesting Process with technology that easily integrates with existing or new conveyors, void fill, and tapers
  • Automated in-line Scan, Weigh, Dimensioning, and Print and Apply Order Documents, Shipping, and Hazardous Warning Labels
  • Reduce Labour & Increase Accuracy
  • Cut 40-50 Seconds of Manual Labour from Every Order Shipment
  • Auto Print, Fold and Truck 8.5” x 11” Packing Sheet under a Removable Secure Shipping Label
  • Increase Pack and Ship Throughput in Parcel and LTL Operations
  • Ideal for 3PL, B2B, and Internet Order Fulfillment

The shipping label is printed and held on the applicator tamp. The packing sheet is printed, folded and applied to the bottom of the shipping label. The shipping label is then applied to the top of the carton with the packaging sheet securely placed under the removable label.

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