RDS™ Voice Process Automation

Lowers labour costs, increases productivity, accuracy, and profitability!

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Real-time Distribution System, RDS™ Voice is superior technology for implementing lean, highly productive voice directed automated operations for manufacturing and distribution. It is built with the world’s leading speaker independent voice engine that requires zero operator voice training regardless of background noise!

RDS™ Voice improves accuracy to 99.99% in picking, kitting, receiving and replenishment applications. Simpler to use, faster to deploy, RDS™ Voice frequently provides ROI in less than a year. RDS™ Voice increases productivity rates by 30 to 50% or better in picking, receiving, and inspection applications.

RDS™ Voice includes a labor tracking and reporting module: The reporting tool set measures worker productivity across different tasks, and tracks labor to settable works standards. The software provides the tools to measure and report operation and worker productivity.

More than Just Voice- It’ a Complete Automation Solution!

  • Receiving, Picking, Replenishment, Inspection
  • Pick Wave Management and Order Release
  • Cartonization based on order cube
  • SKU, Lot and serial ID capture
  • Manufacturing and Kitting Module
  • Smart Pick Cart™ batch picking with walk path optimization
  • Conveyor Zone Routing for pick to carton/tote applications
  • Worker productivity tracking by task and work zone
  • Web based order progress, labor tracking and productivity reporting

RDS™ Voice is the most flexible and scalable voice driven order fulfillment technology in the industry!  Fully integrated software automation modules available with RDS™ Voice makes it a true Tier I Warehouse Control and Execution System, (WCS). These pre-developed modules all run on the SAME PLATFORM and voice, pick and put to light real time control logic that manages cartonization product movement, inline weight capture, carton dimensioning, vision audit, intelligently routed conveyor, sortation, AGVs and Autonomous Robots that lean up and automate a diverse range of interleaved processes.  

RDS™ Voice improves automated manufacturing, distribution, omni-channel and internet order fulfillment operations with its industrial proven voice engine.  

RDS™ includes a full family of software modules to seamlessly integrate product flow and tracking from receiving and storage through pick, pack, and ship automation.

Best Practice Operations include optimized work release and work balancing software modules combined with automated storage technologies like Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) and Vertical Storage Units/ASRS, packing automation, print & apply labeling, and conveyor sortation automation.  

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