Sortation Systems

At the heart of any material handling operation is a sortation system. A sortation system provides automatic product identification and separation into predefined groupings.

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These Systems Apply To:

  • Order Consolidation & Repack Operations
  • Shipping Deconsolidation & Redistribution
  • Distribution Route/Carrier Separation
  • Carton Cross Docking
  • Centralized Palletizing
  • Parallel Processing Product Separation

Technologies Include:

  • Right Angle Belt
  • Pop-Up Wheel
  • Pusher/Swing Arm
  • Narrow Belt
  • Small Package Sort
  • Positive Divert – Shoe Sorter
  • High Volume – Tilt Tray, Bomb Door, Cross Belt

Wecon Systems Provides Industry Experience To:

  • Analyze & elect the best sorter technology for your specific application
  • Integrate all the associated elements including, merge & induction components such as product ID, data collection, control systems logic and interfacing, run-out lane requirements, support and access requirements. Project manage, design, install & commission the total system
  • Train, service & upgrade to retain investment value
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