Special Applications

Specialized Application

Various industries require specialized handling equipment due to the unique nature of their product. Wecon Systems provides industry experience in design, engineering and custom manufacturing services to construct complete solutions for these applications:

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Table Top

  • Small or non-roller conveyable product
  • Complex product path, minimal transitions

Assembly Line

  • Modular synchronous or asynchronous station to station transfer
  • Loop & under-over configurations
  • Designed to carry customized build pallet tooling plates or carriers
  • Wecon Systems can provide total system integration including conveyor control system, distributed I/O, program logic, installation & start-up support

Tire & Rim Handling Standardized roller and interlock belt to transport and control large format round product. (Rims, tires, rim guard tires, stacked car sets.)

Scrap Handling

  • Cleated & hinged belt, wide format belt & custom side guarding
  • Punch press operations (scrap- & slug removal)
  • Plastic extruder, press- part, sprue separation & removal & regrind feed
  • Cardboard, packaging collection, bailer & compactor feed systems
  • Recycling applications

Trailer Load/Unload

  • Gravity Wheel/ Roller
  • Powered Roller – Accumulating
  • Power Extendables
  • Guides & Transitions
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