X-Press PAL™ Print and Apply Labeling

In-Line Pack and Ship Automation:
Scan, Weigh, Dimension with Print and Auto- Apply Packing Slips and Shipping Labels

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ROI of less than One Year!

X-Press PAL™ Print and Apply (P/A) Labeling is a modular family of labeling and packing technologies that can be tailored to your exact needs for automating packing, shipping and manifesting parcel shipments.  It’s proven technology with 100’s of installations. Get demonstrated ROI by increasing throughput and reducing labor in existing or new distribution order fulfillment operations.

X-Press PAL™ eliminates the “bottle-neck”  in the pack area by automating what is typically the manual process of weighing, dimensioning and handling packing sheets and labeling. X-Press PAL™ automatically in-motion scans, weighs, dims and auto applies the required shipment labels at over 900 cartons per hour (CPH) reducing three or more operators from manual pack and ship operations. We also provide the industry’s highest performance labeling solutions processing 1,500 or more CPH!

X-Press PAL™ Print and Apply Labeling: Software is a critical component for obtaining reliable, high performance distribution automation. Numina Group’s Rock Solid, Real-time Distribution Software, RDS, manages the control and validation of the entire packing and labeling process. The control platform includes Oracle/My SQL Database; a pre-developed labeling automation module, Web based screens for operation diagnostics, carton history views/ reports and interfaces to the majority of WMS/ERP and Shipping Manifesting Systems.

X-Press PAL™ provides a flexible, scalable solution to automate packing slips, compliance, carton content and shipping labels. Select from our family of Automation Modules:

  • Panther Industries full line of mission critical automatic print and apply label applicators with support for the full family of Zebra, Sato, and Datamax print engines
  • Constructed of modular 24VDC accumulation conveyor, the system can be tailored to include diverts/transfer to manage carton routing or automate the entire packing and shipping sorting area
  • In-motion carton check weighing scale, carton dimensioning and barcode scanning
  • Vision Audit to provide a permanent digital record of carton contents for order validation and customer service
  • PSI, Pack Sheet Inserter from 4˝ x 6˝ to 8.5˝ x 11˝ size pack sheet; auto print, fold, insert or present the shipping documents at void or pack station.
  • Semi or Automatic Taper/Sealer integrated with Void Fill Station

X-Press PAL Plus™ Duplex Label; Auto Apply a Secure Packing Slip and Shipping Label:

  • Eliminate the manual labor and plastic pack slip envelope required on the outside of the carton
  • Duplex label proven at 30 plus installs from a 4”x6” to a full 8.5” x 11” size combination pack sheet, return label and shipping label
  • Reduce 35 seconds or more from every shipment by auto applying the shipping label and packing slip

X-Press PAL™ and One-Step Plus™: automate the pack and ship process by printing and applying the packing sheet, shipping and/or compliance labels for fully automating packing, labeling, manifesting and shipping.

RDS, Real-time Distribution System: is the software foundation for this innovative technology. It offers unsurpassed performance, true-real-time control and a family of pre-developed application control modules; reducing project risk and implementation time. RDS is proven in 100’s of demanding control and execution tasks with easy to use Web based diagnostics, reporting & viewing tools combined with sub mill-second response delivered on a Rock Solid Scalable Open System Platform.  

RDS Direct Connect: Pre-developed communication modules provide interfaces with your Enterprise System. Direct Connect seamlessly integrates plant floor automation devices directly to SAP (support for direct RFC and XML messaging), IBM I-Series through their Java Toolkit, JDBC, ODBC, Socket Messages and interfaces to most leading WMS / ERP Systems.

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