Space-saving Spirals Available from Wecon

Space-saving Spirals Available from Wecon

Conveyors are an effective way to move product — there’s no arguing that. However, sometimes companies miss out on the efficiencies offered by conveyors because they simply don’t have the space. Other companies have product flowing through multiple levels of their facility, and are challenged to transport these goods from one level to the next, without breaking the bank. Ryson has the answer — a space-saving solution for multi-tiered product flow.

Ryson’s Multiple Entry and Exit Spirals allow loads to enter or exit at several intermediate elevations. They work with the company’s new induction and divert conveyors, which are individually adjustable to match the spiral pitch, assuring smooth and reliable operation. The loads can enter or exit the spirals in the up or down rotation, moving clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the customer’s needs.

All spirals are made to order and are available in four basic configurations, though custom configurations are also available. Spirals, in fact, are easily customizable to meet specific layout requirements, thanks to their innovative modular design. They can even be modified in the field to accommodate emerging needs. 

All Ryson spirals are thoroughly tested prior to shipment, but depend on proper integration with the overall conveyor system for optimum performance and long life, the company explains. 

Ryson Multiple Entry and Exit Spirals are available from Wecon Systems, a Mississauga, Ont.-based provider of conveyor equipment and system solutions for a variety of material handling applications. Wecon not only carries these spirals, but its team — with more than 200 years of combined experience — has the expertise to integrate and install them. 

Wecon Systems is a vertically integrated company with advanced design tools and application experience, project management, in-house fabrication, assembly, system controls, electrical design and programming. Leveraging this expertise, the company is able to develop and implement the best-suited conveyance technologies for its customers.