Speed Up End Of The Year Order Fulfillment

For many manufacturing facilities and warehouses, the end of the year means a hike in order fulfillment. Plants need to fill orders quickly to ship products on time and complete systems so that the companies can close jobs and have them on the books. So Wecon Systems supplies conveyors that function as end-of-the-line solutions, speeding up the process when required.

Advanced technology in order fulfillment

Order fulfillment is one of the main advantages and purposes of a conveyor system. A business needs to fulfill customer orders accurately and quickly to stay ahead of competitors. This is especially true at the end of the year when companies must rely on advanced automation technologies for order-fulfillment operations. Wecon has the capability and expertise to offer end-of-the-line solutions to meet all material-handling needs.

Whether a task requires trash handling, empty-carton handling, tote recirculation, product replenishment, or system and order-status annunciation, Wecon creates complete solutions that work even in demanding environments. These order-fulfillment options include the following:

  • Fully automated parts-to-person systems. Wecon can integrate mini-cranes, gantry cranes, carousels, vertical lift modules, and other devices with delivery and takeaway systems, control interfaces, and ancillary equipment, plus safety guarding.
  • Paperless picking. The Wecon expert team has the ability to integrate paperless picking technologies, such as RF, pick-to-light, and pick-by-voice technologies with warehouse mechanization. By integrating these technologies, a business can synergize the order-fulfillment process and make it extremely efficient.
  • Pick modules. Users can integrate pick towers, flow racks, and full- or split-case picking solutions with takeaway conveyors, zone-control devices, logic, collection and merge systems, vertical conveyance, gravity chutes, powered spirals,  and vertical lifts.

Because every client has different needs, Wecon can customize every material-handling system to meet individual requirements. The company provides full turn-key solutions for all order needs, engineering concepts and technologies to meet any business requirements in terms of product mix and type, throughput, productivity, data collection, and investment.

So when the year is ending and an organization is rushing to get orders filled on time, it is wise to rely on Wecon end-of-the-line solutions.