The benefits of trusting Wecon as a single-source material-handling integrator

2200 Series Precision Move Pallet System

Wecon Systems has been a major Canadian supplier of conveyor systems and related products for more than 20 years and counting. One of the keys to the company’s continuing success is its status as a single-source material handling integrator, providing not only great products, but also essential services to keep this equipment functional.

Using Wecon as a sole material handling integrator has many considerable advantages for a company that relies on these systems for smooth and efficient production.

A wide range of services

There is no point in hiring or paying more than one company for products and services related to material handling, especially when a supplier like Wecon possesses all the experience and expertise required to make the most out of conveyor systems. In addition to its wide range of conveyor solutions, Wecon also offers four key services:

  • Project management. Customers can continue focusing on their daily activities while the Wecon team takes control of every conveyor project from start to finish, no matter the size.
  • Installation. Wecon employs experienced conveyor installers who have commissioned numerous projects, from new-system installations to system upgrades and equipment relocation. Because every system is unique, it required an experienced skill set to get the best performance results, and Wecon always surpasses client expectations for quality and service.
  • Preventative maintenance. Many companies neglect long-term care and maintenance when it comes to material handling. This is why Wecon has tailored maintenance and service packages for every type of system, including off-the-shelf replacement parts and custom-made parts for older systems.
  • Design. With two- and three-dimensional mechanical CAD software, Wecon can offer a virtual view of a system before installation. These tools enable Wecon to access warehouse constraints and improve product flow within the facility. They also allow Wecon to create complete, detailed mechanical designs and layouts for new systems, or modify and improve existing ones.

With all of these capabilities at hand, it makes perfect sense to work with Wecon Systems as a single-source material handling integrator – providing everything a customer could possibly need under one roof.