Wecon Belt Conveyors Handle a Wide Range of Bulk Materials

Wecon Belt Conveyors Handle a Wide Range of Bulk Materials

Wecon Systems supplies a broad variety of conveyor solutions for the industrial market, and one of the most effective is belt conveyors. These are conveyer systems with belts running on endless loops that rotate around two or more pulleys while carrying items. Belt conveyor systems are ideal for bulk material handling in facilities that need to transport large volumes of products.

With the capability of handling a wide range of bulk materials, from very fine to large lump sizes, Wecon belt conveyors always optimize the workload.

Moving materials the modern way

As automated conveying processes that maximize productivity with bulk material handling, belt conveyor systems are truly the modern way of moving materials in factories and warehouses. They are the most commonly used power conveyor systems because of their versatility and relatively low cost. Users can convey objects of any shape, size, or weight on these systems, and they can move products in a straight line or through changes in direction or elevation.

Wecon’s belt conveyors use a number of standard drive configurations, such as center drives, which are capable of two-way operation, and end drives, which can operate in only one direction. The distributor also supplies various accessories, like power or gravity feeders, nose overs, and guardrails.

Wecon Systems offers five main options for belt conveyors:

  • Hinged steel belt
  • Slider bed inter-floor conveyor
  • Belt turn
  • Slider bed conveyor
  • Wire mesh conveyor

Belt technology is also used in specialized products available from Wecon, such as automatic sortation systems, which are designed to identify products and separate them into pre-defined groups. These sorters can come with right-angle, narrow, and cross belts. Another example is Dorner’s 2200 Series Precision Move pallet system, which offers quick belt change without the need to remove the conveyor from the system.

High productivity, high efficiency, convenient handling of bulk materials, and true versatility: these are the reasons to trust in Wecon’s range of belt conveyor systems. With these conveyors and accessories, companies can handle bulk materials in a way that saves time and money.

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