Wecon Conveyor Products are a Great Way to Improve Productivity

Conveyor technology has radically transformed factory and warehouse environments over the last century, and Wecon Systems continues that tradition by supplying world-class conveyor products. For more than 20 years, this distributor has played a significant role in improving productivity and safety while reducing downtime for many customers.

With years of direct, hands-on experience in a variety of industries, Wecon always has a complete system solution available to fire up a company’s output speed.

Reducing Overhead and Labour Costs

With the help of Wecon conveyor technology, companies can reduce their overhead and labour costs quickly by using material-handling solutions that boost productivity and safety. The supplier identifies ten key benefits of automating plant or warehouse operations with conveyor systems:

  • Lower operational costs. Conveyor technology reduces the need for manual labour as it speeds up the operation.
  • Higher quality and consistency. Because automated systems tend to be more accurate than manual labour is, high quality is constant.
  • Better worker experience. With conveyor systems handling rugged tasks, automation improves the ergonomic effect on employees.
  • Higher rate and speed of production. Minimal downtime results from running automated systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Higher flexibility. Automated systems enable labourers to switch between tasks more easily.
  • Minimal waste. With higher quality and consistency comes reduced waste of supplies, especially in paper and packaging operations.
  • Safer operation. Conveyor systems lower the chances of employee injuries by taking on most of the backbreaking work.
  • Less labour turnover. With automated systems, operations need fewer employees, saving the time and energy it takes to seek and keep skilled, trained workers.
  • Lower cost of consumables. The costs of consumables and waste are reduced with an automated system, which helps operations achieve more with less.
  • Space optimization. Designing a conveyor system to increase floor space can enable a company to create more efficient picking processes, routes, and sequences.

With these ten advantages, Wecon conveyor systems can make a company more productive and efficient in no time, while saving a significant amount of money.

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