Wecon Meets the Conveyor Needs of Many Markets


Wecon Systems offers a wide selection of high-quality conveyors that incorporate FlexMove flexible chain conveyor components. These conveyors are available with both aluminum and stainless steel options, making them ideal for use in a broad range of industries.

Markets Served

FlexMove is designed as an ultimate solution for transportation systems in all manufacturing industries thanks to its vast layout capability, design simplicity and flexibility. These systems are ideal for use in many sectors, from the paper converting and packaging industry, to the food and beverage, electronic, electrical and automation markets.

For example, the company’s stainless steel conveyors are ideal for use in the food, beverage, medical and cosmetic packaging industries, while its wedge conveyors are built with aluminum and stainless steel to meet the standards required for medical and cosmetic packaging.

Additional offerings, including aluminum flexible chain conveyors, helix and spiral conveyors, and alpine conveyors, enhance Wecon’s capability to meet a wide range of application needs.

Wecon Systems has 20 years experience of providing customized conveyor solutions and applications encompass a variety of industries.

  • Automotive and Machine
  • Food Beverage and Dairy, Electronic
  • Integrated Automation
  • Intelligent Logistics
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Paper Converting and Packaging
  • Personal Health and Beauty
  • Distribution and Warehousing

About FlexMove

FlexMove, a Dorner Holding Company, is a flexible chain conveyor components manufacturer. Its products are known for their quality and flexibility, as they offer an outstanding platform for future expansion and re-layout capability. But that’s not all, as these systems offer many more advantages. There is minimum component variation, and each offers an effective use of space. They are also easy to use and offer low maintenance, which enhances productivity.

To learn more about the options and advantages available, contact Wecon Systems, a leading conveyor solutions provider. Wecon has the expertise to ensure its customers get the most appropriate conveyor solutions for their applications.