Wecon Systems is implementing exciting new technology

Wecon Systems team takes pride in its collective skills, knowledge, and experience in providing suitable material-handling systems for businesses in Canada. With more than 20 years in the business, Wecon has successfully completed many customer conveyor projects, ranging from simple operations to more complex systems for specialized, unique applications.

Wecon’s ever-changing list of ongoing and completed projects always demonstrates the company’s versatile range of capabilities in conveyor projects.

Implementing exciting new technology

One current example is the mechanical and electrical installation of an order-fulfillment system at a new distribution centre in Mississauga, Ont., for an iconic Canadian clothing store. Wecon has played a major part in implementing exciting new technology into this project, which is now nearly complete. Having overseen this project, Wecon is contracted to offer service coverage for the site as soon as the customer takes over.

Wecon was also contracted to provide mechanical and electrical upgrades to a material-handling system – originally installed by the supplier – at a major cosmetic distribution facility in Mississauga. The customer needed the upgrades following an increase in volume. Now that this project is complete, the warehouse can handle high production more easily. Another recently completed project was the decommissioning of a 3PL warehouse in Brampton, Ont.; Wecon has now been assigned to repurpose this equipment at the customer’s new facility.

Among Wecon’s next assignments are major upgrades and modifications to a pack line for the distribution system of a Cambridge, Ont. clothing distributor. Wecon was the original supplier and installer of this system, and it will oversee all phases of the new job. In addition, a major healthcare provider has awarded a contract to Wecon to supply equipment for a picking and distribution system at the customer’s Calgary distribution centre. The organization picked Wecon due to cost and past performance with another distributor.

In addition to these conveyor projects, Wecon continues to maintain a large collection of high-quality used equipment for sale. The company refurbishes all used equipment to give the customer products that are as good as new, but at a much lower cost.

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