Wecon uses Advanced Design Tools to Meet Customer Needs

Wecon Systems’ mission is to design and implement material handling systems to meet its customers’ specific requirements in terms of performance, reliability, and price. One of the ways the company is able to achieve this goal is thanks to the team’s application experience and its uses of advanced design tools to meet customer needs.

Powerful design tools

Wecon’s concept and design expertise provide customers with new ideas and solutions that work. The company utilizes 2D and 3D mechanical CAD software. This provides a virtual view of a system before a single piece of equipment is manufactured or installed. These advanced tools help Wecon to determine constraints and ultimately improve the product flow within the customer’s facility.

“We can create complete, detailed mechanical designs and layouts for your new system, or we can make modifications and improvements to your existing system design,” the company explains. “Wecon can satisfy your mechanical design needs with a team of highly skilled designers having extensive experience in new product development.”

We use advanced design tools to meet customer needs, these design capabilities include:

  • A-Cad and SolidWorks;
  • Industrial system design;
  • Mechanical and electrical installation layout;
  • 3D layout and part design;
  • Parts and assembly documentation;
  • As-built and authorization layout; and 
  • Safety enclosure design.

Experienced team

Wecon Systems has been providing cost-effective solutions, meeting its customers’ conveyor equipment needs since it was founded in 1997. The Mississauga, Ont.-based company employs a skilled team with more than 200 years of combined experience working with clients to find the best conveyor or packaging solution for the job.

In addition to concept and design expertise, the company offers many solutions. These include needs analysis, systems integration, turn-key solutions, manufacturing and fabricating, preventative maintenance, and service and installation.

To learn more about its services and expertise, contact Wecon Systems