Wecon’s Innovative Automation Technologies Help Warehouses Get Speedy, Efficient Results

As times change and technology continues to evolve, material-handling systems need to keep pace. Wecon Systems, a complete single-source Material Handling Systems Integrator, knows this. This is why the company offers state-of-the-art conveyor and handling solutions with the latest industrial automation technology – allowing users to fulfill orders with mere voice or light activation.

Two of the key technological solutions that Wecon offers for order fulfillment are pick-to-light and pick-by-voice, which get quicker, more efficient results from material handling.

Integrating paperless picking technology

Wecon provides full turn-key solutions for all material handling needs, with concepts and industrial automation technology engineered to meet any requirements as far as product mix and type, throughput, productivity, data collection, and investment. These solutions suit applications as wide-ranging as trash handling, empty-carton handling, tote recirculation, product replenishment, and system and order status annunciation.

The team of conveyor experts at Wecon can integrate unique paperless picking technologies into a material-handling system with warehouse mechanization. These include pick-to-light and pick-by-voice solutions, which provide synergy to the overall order-fulfillment scheme.

Other types of industrial automation technology that maximize results in order fulfillment include fully automated parts-to-person systems – which integrate cranes, carousels, and lifting modules with delivery systems, control interfaces, and ancillary equipment – and pick modules that can integrate with conveyors, zone control devices, merge systems, gravity chutes, vertical lifts, and much more. All of these can be customized to meet the client’s unique needs.

Another unique technological solution from Wecon is RDS Voice, a voice-directed, real-time distribution system for manufacturing and distribution. RDS Voice uses the world’s top speaker-independent voice engine, which needs no operator voice training, regardless of background noise. This solution improves accuracy by 99.99 percent in picking, kitting, receiving, and replenishment tasks. By increasing productivity rates by 30 to 50 percent or higher in picking, receiving, and inspection applications, RDS Voice provides full return on investment in less than a year.

Whatever kind of material-handling solution a company may need, Wecon can provide the right automation technology to keep pace with today’s manufacturing world, while saving time and money.

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