With FlexMove solutions, conveyors can accommodate a greater variety of complex configurations and applications

Wecon Systems remains a top Canadian supplier of material-handling systems from major manufacturers after more than two decades. The company is an official builder and authorized distributor for FlexMove, a Dorner Holding Company, which produces conveyor systems and components known for their versatile capabilities and high flexibility.

FlexMove’s line of conveyors works for many applications, including part handling, transfers, assembly automation, packaging, machine conveyance, and much more.

Quality, flexibility, and efficiency

The FlexMove portfolio of aluminum and stainless steel chain conveyors is built on four main virtues that Wecon values in every one of its products: quality, with innovative solutions; flexibility, in fulfilling infinite potential; high efficiency; and eco-friendliness for a better future. The lineup includes helix and spiral conveyors, alpine conveyors, wedge conveyors, and pallet/twin-track assemblies.

A key advantage of using FlexMove systems is the flexibility of these conveyors and their components. With highly flexible layouts and designs, these systems maximize space by providing both horizontal and vertical product-movement capabilities. The manufacturer also offers multiple flexible chain types to match the exact requirements of every individual product and application. Other benefits include cost-effectiveness, low noise, minimal maintenance needs, and a clean, sleek lightweight design.

FlexMove’s very flexible conveyor components enable Wecon to make aluminum flexible chain conveyors, which allow horizontal turns and elevation changes on a single continuous run. Other capabilities include helix and spiral conveyors, which are designed to move products up and down to maximize production space, and alpine conveyors, which have a compact spiral configuration that makes them perfect to use as accumulation or buffer zones or as inline or offline accumulators. Another possibility is wedge conveyors, which are built to move items from the production floor to higher levels and vice-versa.

With FlexMove solutions, conveyors can accommodate a greater variety of complex configurations and applications. These material-handling systems can deal with tight spaces, elevation changes, accumulation, buffering, long lengths, curves, jogs, inclines, and declines. And Wecon’s team of seasoned application specialists, project managers, designers, and programmers has the expertise to fit the best conveyor technology to every customer need.