Important Health and Safety Benefits Provided by a Conveyor System

Industrial conveyor systems by Wecon Systems provide a lot of important benefits to manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Some of the most obvious advantages are heightened productivity and a speedier production process. But Wecon material-handling systems also make workplaces much safer – and the company reinforces these safety benefits with special guarding and enclosures.

By trusting in Wecon’s line of industrial conveyor systems, manufacturing companies ensure that their employees move products efficiently without compromising their safety.

Reduced risk of injuries

Wecon conveyor systems significantly reduce human handling of products, especially awkward or heavy ones that can potentially cause repetitive strain injuries and similar ergonomic ills. Conveyors are also far less hazardous to use than other types of material-moving equipment, such as forklifts, cranes, and even carts or wagons. With the ability to automate the conveying of items within facilities in a hands-free operation, industrial conveyor systems decrease the chances of worker injuries, ranging from accidents to ergonomics.

While conveyors already reduce employee exposure to backbreaking, injury-prone tasks, most manufacturers build their conveyor systems with safety functions that help to minimize the risk of accidents, such as automated and manual stoppage of operation. Similarly, Wecon can integrate existing systems with safety guarding and safety enclosures to ensure that workers do not inadvertently cause needless injuries. With two- and three-dimensional CAD software, the company can create complete, detailed mechanical designs and layouts for new systems – or improve upon current systems’ designs – to add such features as safety enclosures.

Occupational health and safety is a highly ethical obligation for companies, of course, but with the safety benefits of Wecon conveyor systems, manufacturers can yield additional benefits. A reduced amount of worker injuries means fewer sick days, fewer workers’ compensation claims, and lower insurance premiums. Not only is safe operation a moral necessity – it also helps the bottom line in the long run.

With Wecon’s help, the material-handling process can be much quicker, more efficient, and above all, safer.