Wecon’s RDS technology operates material-handling systems with simple voice activation

As a complete single-source Material Handling Systems Integrator, Wecon Systems specializes in state-of-the-art conveyor and handling solutions for many industries – and uses the latest material handling technology available. One key example of Wecon’s innovative technology is its Real-Time Distribution System, or RDS Voice, which raises productivity with voice-directed automation.

RDS Voice is a revolutionary material handling technology that benefits manufacturing and distribution by increasing speed and accuracy while reducing labour costs, making companies more profitable.

No operator training required

Easy to use and quick to deploy, RDS Voice has been built with the world’s leading speaker independent voice engine and requires absolutely no operator voice training, regardless of the work environment’s background noise. This system boasts a 99.99 per cent accuracy in numerous applications, including picking, kitting, receiving, and replenishment, while productivity increases by 30 to 50 per cent or more in picking, receiving, and inspection. Users often report that RDS Voice returns its investment within a year.

RDS Voice functions as a complete automation solution that comes in handy with pick wave management and order release, cartonization, kitting, capturing SKU and lot and serial ID, and conveyor-zone routing for pick to carton/tote applications. It also includes labour-tracking and -reporting modules that measure employee productivity by task and work zone and track labour to settable work standards.

Wecon supplies fully integrated, pre-developed software automation modules with RDS Voice, all of which run on the same platform and voice. These modules integrate product flow and tracking from receiving and storage to pick, pack, and ship automation. The system can be used to manage cartonization product movement, inline weight capture, carton dimensions, vision audits, intelligently routed conveyors, and sortation. The voice engine improves processes in automated manufacturing, distribution, and Internet order fulfillment.

The most flexible and convenient voice-driven material handling technology on the market today, RDS Voice is a must for today’s fast-paced distribution world.