The Heart of Any Material Handling System

The Heart of Any Material Handling System

Sortation systems play an essential role in any material handling operation. They provide automatic product identification and separation into predefined groupings, making the process faster and more efficient.

As a leading provider of material handling solutions, Wecon Systems has the technology and know-how to engineer a sortation system to meet each customer’s unique needs, regardless of the characteristics of the product to be sorted, required output, number of diverts needed, floor space allocation and budget.

Wecon’s expertise

Wecon Systems has been engineering material handling solutions, including sortation systems, for close to 20 years. The Mississauga, Ont.-based company has the expertise to analyze and select the best sorter technology for each application, choosing from its lineup of right-angle belt, pop-up wheel, pusher/swing arm, narrow-belt, small package sort, positive divert, tilt tray, bomb door, and cross-belt conveyors. Once the appropriate technologies are selected, Wecon has the capability to integrate all of the associated elements, including merge and induction components like product ID, data collection, control systems logic and interfacing, run-out lane requirements, as well as support and access requirements. In addition, the company’s team of experts can project manage, design, install and commission the entire system, then train personnel, service and upgrade the system to help retain the customer’s investment.

Wecon has experience tackling projects for both small- and large-volume applications, including order consolidation and repack operations, shipping deconsolidation and redistribution, distribution route/carrier separation, carton cross-docking, centralized palletizing and parallel processing product separation.

Trust the experts

As the heart of any material handling system, sortation systems can have a major impact on a company’s productivity. If the wrong technology is selected, if it’s installed incorrectly, or if it’s not maintained, it can hinder a company’s performance. Working with an expert in all aspects of material handling is crucial to the success of the project and operation.

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