Wecon Can Supply Material-Handling Systems With Data Collection Capabilities Included

Wecon Can Supply Material-Handling Systems With Data Collection Capabilities Included

Material-handling systems continue to evolve as time passes and technology keeps improving. Today’s manufacturers and distributors expect more from their conveyor systems as a result. For example, there is a continued demand for data collection as a system function. Wecon Systems knows that capabilities such as warehouse control and management systems can provide significant revenue-stream opportunities for businesses. That is why Wecon supplies conveyor systems that offer data collection.

Benefits of advanced order fulfillment

Also known as automatic data capture, or ADC, data collection is a form of technology used to identify and track individual items. Manufacturers and distributors use it to verify, record, communicate, and store information on packaged or containerized products. Automated material handling and other processes use this technology to gather information quickly and accurately, without relying on employees with pens and paper.

Common applications that involve data capture include receiving, inventory picking, weight and volume determination, and tracking and tracing in supply chains. Popular technologies for collecting electronic data have included barcodes, scanners, imagers, radio-frequency recognition, and voice recognition.

Another typical application for data-collection technology is order fulfillment. A business’ ability to fulfill customer orders quickly has a serious advantage in today’s competitive manufacturing climate. Wecon offers material-handling systems that maximize efficiency in order fulfillment, and data capture is just one of the modern technologies used in these systems. Because every company’s needs are different, the Wecon team can develop concepts and engineer technologies to satisfy every client’s requirements, budget, and goals.

Wecon can also implement data-capturing technology into its sortation systems. These systems provide automatic product identification and separation into predefined groupings, making them the heart of material-handling operations. After analyzing and electing the best sorter technology for a specific application, Wecon’s team of experts integrate all of the associated elements required in a sortation system – not just data-collection technology, but also product ID, control-systems logic and interfacing, run-out lane requirements, and support and access needs.

Whatever technology a conveyor system may need, Wecon can supply it – keeping its customers up to date with the latest advances in material handling.

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